Which Method Of Carpet Cleaning Is Best in Herne Bay Households

Did you know that there a few different ways to clean a carpet? dry compound cleaning, encapsulation cleaning and hot water extraction are the three most popular methods to clean a carpet. Each technique has its unique advantages as well as having a suitable place for it. You may already heard of them by names such as shampoo cleaning, hot water extraction, or absorbent compound cleaning. If you are looking for a carpet cleaning service in Herne Bay, you should be aware of what technique the company is going to use on your carpet. Here is a bit more about the popular carpet cleaning techniques. Please ensure that the carpet cleaning company will be carrying out a full survey of the carpet to establish which method is most suited to each carpet.

Dry Compound Carpet Cleaning

The carpet cleaning technician will sprinkle a (usually yellow) damn sand like product. This acts as an absorbent sea sponge would and will absorb soil that is in the carpet. This technique is often used in commercial premises where downtime of the carpet MUST be kept to a minimum. It is also used on sisal carpets and coconut welcome mats. The major advantage of cleaning your carpet with this method is, the carpet will dry up almost immediately. It is also relatively inexpensive, but often not most appropriate for domestic dwellings

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

Encapsulation cleaning is becoming more popular in the domestic setting. It was previously only on commercial grade carpets, in offices. First, the carpet is treated with an encapsulating solution. This solution is then agitated with a special machine. As the solution dries, it crystallises and absorbs soil particles. Then the crystals are vacuumed up. Encapsulated cleaning is recommended for carpets that have to be regularly cleaned. The major advantages of this type of cleaning is that some of the crystals will remain on the carpet and will continue to absorb the soil particles, until the next cleaning, the carpets are dry almost immediately, and this is a problem solving technique often when there is no access at the property for a comprehensive carpet cleaning machine

How Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning is also called ‘hot water extraction cleaning’. Most of the carpet cleaning tat we undertake is with this method. After thoroughly vacuuming the carpet, the cleaning solution is sprayed down and agitated into the carepet to ensure full coverage of the carpet. A solution mixed with fresh water is then rinsed through deep the carpet and wet vacuumed out during the same stage. Carpets are then force dried using a number of blowers to ensure the carpet is as dry as possible before walking the customer through the job to ensure that everyone is happy with the results. Please note that we do offer a 100% money back guarantee as we are confident that we will reach top standards of cleaning for you. Advantages of this carpet cleaning method is that the carpet receives the most thorough clean and attention and able to tackle deeper pile carpets with ease also

If you would like a free on site survey to see what method would be most suitable for your carpet, please call neil now on 01227 389938

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