As a proud father to a 17 month old daughter, i should know by now that even when i have a day off from carpet & upholstery cleaning, i never actually get a day off! Today our little pickle decided that the footstool that we’ve had for less than 2 months was a little too cream in colour and could do with a hint or red. Blackcurrant was her weapon of choice. As she looked at mummy square in the eye and mummy shouted the words “Betsie NOOOOOOOOOO”, Betsie decided to pour the whole cup over the stool.

After some stain remover and TLC, i was able to get the footstool back to its original colour, and Betsie was a relieved little girl 🙂


Best Way To Remove Stains

Of course, we were very fortunate on this job as the incident happened when i was at home so was able to fix the stain immediately. Below is a video of how any stain should be treated. NEVER EVER scrub any stain, as tempting as it is, you could very easily weaken the fibres of the carpet and cause any mark to become permanent. The method recommended by the NCCA is called tamping. A white towel over the stain, and pat it with a hard object. As demonstrated by our daughter here.