Over-Wetting: A Common Problem When Using Rental Machines Or Hiring An Inexperienced Carpet Cleaner

We have today been called out to a new client who had hired a carpet cleaning machine from a local DIY store in Herne Bay. This is happening more and more regularly so i decided it was time to write a piece on it to try and help people understand how they can potentially cause more harm to their a carpet by hiring a machine from a local store

Carpet Cleaning Machine Vs High Powered Truck Mounted carpet cleaning Machine. Herne Bay

Hired Carpet Cleaning Machine and Powerful Van Mounted Carpet Cleaning Machine

In the early days of carpet cleaning over-wetting was much more common.
The chemicals used were often harsh and the machinery somewhat less powerful than today. Yet, over-wetting is still a problem we come across too regularly – most often when we’ve been called out to a Herne Bay home to try and rectify the handy work of a cost-conscious homeowner who’s hired a supermarket rental machine! Unfortunately though it’s not just rental machines that are responsible for over-wetting carpets. There are also untrained and uninsured part-time carpet cleaners using sub-standard machinery and cleaning carpets using incorrect methods. But aside from the inconvenience and excessive drying time, why else is an over-wet carpet a problem?

Shrinkage is caused by over-wetting a carpet during the carpet cleaning process. This can be due to using too much water or because the machine is either not powerful enough, or it’s been set-up and operated incorrectly.It is absolutely essential that your carpet cleaner assesses any risks and identifies the type of carpet you have in your home before they even get their machine out of the van. If there is only slight shrinkage, it may be possible to stretch the carpet back into place. But if there is significant shrinkage, the only option is to replace the carpet. Although an experienced carpet cleaner will take measures to ensure there is no risk of shrinkage, it is important you check they hold full insurance just in case there’s a problem. Here at Spring Clean Carpets Herne Bay, we are proud to have the required insurances in place for your peace of mind

Bad Odours
A carpet that has been over-wet and remains damp for several hours / days may develop a nasty musty smell. This is often cause by bacteria setting in. Although this problem can usually be remedied, it should be avoided in the first place by an experienced and well trained carpet cleaner. If you do absolutely insist on cleaning your carpets yourself, it’s a good idea to ensure you have good air flow and ventilation within your home – both during and after the cleaning process. Open your doors and windows until the carpet is completely dry. If your carpet is still wet after several hours, contact an experienced technician – otherwise you risk bacteria and mould forming.
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This is something to be particularly aware of when cleaning wool carpets. Browning is the term used to refer to brown spots that appear out of nowhere sometime after the cleaning process has taken place. It is more common in jute backed carpets and is caused by soil or previous spillages wicking back up, often due to over-wetting. Although these spots can appear irreversible if you were to simply try and scrub them out, a good carpet cleaning technician will have the knowledge to remove them safely and prevent any further problems. We’re often called out to customers who’ve had their carpets cleaned with a rental machine or by an untrained cheap cleaner and notice these brown spots suddenly appearing all over their freshly cleaned carpet! Although over-wetting can cause expensive damage to your carpets, you can avoid the risk altogether by hiring a fully trained and insured company with the experience and knowledge to carry out the work and deal with any potential problems.

If you would like professional advice and a thorough job from a carpet cleaning professional, please contact Neil now on 01227 389938

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