Carpet Cleaning Truck Mount System in Herne BayA truckmount carpet cleaner is a carpet and upholstery unit that is mounted inside a van and always fuel driven, this type of machine brings the best cleaning experience money can buy, this machine pictured inside our van is one of the most powerful in Herne Bay.
At the moment there are a lot of company’s in Herne Bay advertising that they run truckmounts and over hyping their cleaning equipment, calling portable carpet cleaning machine van mounts or truckmounts, these’s machines because they are electric can only generate 2hp of energy. Or company’s saying their machines produce 285f in heat, when no machine can produce that. What these companies do not do is show you what they actually use!

WE DO We don’t over hype stuff. We are Neil & Helen, a husband & wife team. Neil has been cleaning carpets for 6 years, it’s taken me years of training (ongoing still) and hard graft to get to the point where i am proud to run what we run, knowing that myself and my equipment is the best money can buy, will clean deeper, rinse the carpet better using more heat/steam, the suction on this carpet cleaning machine is amazing, meaning the carpets are close to dry, and i’ll put my reputation on it.
These are the main benefits of using Spring Clean Carpets
1, Higher Temperature
Truck mounted carpet cleaning are capable of a lot higher cleaning temperatures. these can deliver water up 265f. this is essential because the greater temperatures will make the cleaning agents more active. This permits for more effective chemical utilization and allows cleaners to utilize less chemicals on a regular basis. the result is a cleaner carpet with no residues
2,  Higher Pressure With Steam
Again a Truck mount is capable of higher pressures of up to fifteen hundred pounds per square inch (PSI). This is excessive pressure for carpet cleaning. But a truck mount system will mainly use between 400-500 PSI. Still great than a portable carpet cleaner can operate at. This excess pressure enables for expectation that means greater removal of soil.
3, Higher Vacuum Levels
Truck mounted machines in addition to higher heat, and higher PSI, Also have better suction due to a belt driven blower, The benefits to this is cleaner and dryer carpets
4, Faster Cleaning
Since truck mounts are easier to set up, We are capable of cleaning your home much quicker. With portables cleaners having to fill up with buckets of water. Carrying the machine to the door. And frequently fill and empty the machine. Truck mounts have there own waste tanks on board and hook up straight to a water supply, We only stop working when we finish.
5, Less mess Less DISRUPTION
How? Simple all we do this bring a hose into your home. As easy as that. where not looking for plug sockets to plug the machine in, Or filling buckets with hot water at the sink. Tripping switches, Everything we bring in on the van, So you can enjoy Cleaner.Dryer. More hygienic carpets. That are dust mite free, And a better indoor environment
We are fully insured, undergo constant training and are a small family run business. If you have any questions on our service just call Neil now on 01227 389938

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